Your Cogitations
Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at 9:30AM
Lou Wakefield & Carole Hayman

Really Irene!

As if a person hasn't got more pressing things to do on a Monday morning – or any time, come to that – than to waste time idly flicking through TV programmes checking for supposed look-alikes. It smacks of a life without meaning, purpose, or direction. There again, having read the ‘cogitations’ in which you later indulged, I can only say stick to channel hopping.

I have, in fact, been alerted to program to which you allude by several people - who, I must say, were most complimentary. I’d have to disagree completely about the one called Vera being like me - I didn’t recognize myself in her at all. (And as for your assertatation that my kitchen lacks culinary hygiene and my costumes suffer from an excess of colour, I’ve never heard such a load of old Tom Cobbleys in my life). The one bearing your name, on the other hand, is the spitting image of you! Picky, pendantic, and dressed in just your shade of biscuit- where on earth did they find it! To say nothing of being a less than inspired cook,if that recipe for taramasalata was anything to go by.

How extraordinary! I shall be watching the next programme with great interest. It goes out on Tuesday evening at 10pm on ITV 3. Or so I believe.


PS: By the by, I have a mouthwatering - rather than eye-watering - recipe for Taramasalata , which I must send you some time.

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