Ladies of Letters was first broadcast on Radio 4's Woman’s Hour in December 1997, starring Prunella Scales and Patricia Routledge.

Since then, they have become a legend, with over 5 million listeners and 11 series.

More often than not, Radio 7 repeats the series, check it out from time to time to see what’s currently airing!  All the Ladies’ radio series are available on CD and to download, but alas, are no longer available on cassette to purchase new, though there are many resellers.  The first and second series has been reissued as two separate CDs by BBC Worldwide in March 2009.

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  • Ladies of Letters Go Crackers: v. 11 (Radio Collection)
    by Lou Wakefield, Carole Hayman

    Series 11

    It's Christmas and the Ladies of Letters are busy stuffing home made turkey sausages, adding hot pepper to their mulled wine and giving each other totally unsuitable Christmas presents. Vera has just returned from a festive trip to the Holy Land, where she has purchased Mary Mother of Jesus Jam and realised that the only universal religion is shopping. Once home, she discovers that a ruthless Bank has bought The Bothy for redevelopment. Irene, meanwhile, is inundated with friends and family visiting for the festive season and is decimated by what she uncovers.

  • Ladies of Letters, Crunch Credit
    by Lou Wakefield, Carole Hayman

    Series 10

    This is the fiscally chaotic tenth series of the popular BBC Radio 4 comedy. The Ladies are having to tighten their belts in this latest collection of Letters. Karen and St John have put the Bothy up for sale, and together with their children, have invaded Vera's Coach House. But very soon things become totally intolerable, and Vera is forced to take up residence in the shed on her allotment. Meanwhile Irene is feeling the pinch after having to entirely rewire the upper floor of her eco-house, thanks to Vera's wanton destruction of a solar panel. And after she takes in an old acquaintance she finds begging in a shop doorway, her financial straits become even more dire - especially since Aunty Doris has come home from the hospital and must be nursed back to health with tempting and expensive titbits. With friends and families causing friction, and appliances running amok, the Ladies find that the global economic crisis fades into the background as they deal with their own domestic crises...

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  • Ladies of Letters Go Green: Series 9 (BBC Audio)
    by Lou Wakefield, Carole Hayman

    Series 9

    The thoughts of the indomitable Ladies turn to all things Green in this latest collection of Letters. When Irene hears that her Aunty Doris has died and she must sort out her personal effects, she is filled with a sense of personal and global doom. Finding out that Doris was a fervent campaigner, and aware that Vera is a keen recycler, Irene decides to send Doris' clothes to Vera - with explosive results. Meanwhile, Vera has thrown herself into environmental causes.  Soon both Ladies are eco-enthusiasts. With familial chaos on the horizon, the Ladies find that saving the planet is the least of their worries.

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  • Ladies of Letters Say No (BBC Audio)
    by C Hayman & L Wakefield

    Series 8

    Fundraising for her ancient local hospital, Irene organises a charity dinner, which Vera attends on the arm of her new beau, local millionaire Alan Trumper. Unfortunately, Vera has a choking incisdent and is admitted to that very hospital. Visitng her, Irene then has a mishap with a trolley and ends up stuck in the same ward. Soon the Ladies are sniping at one another, vying for Alan's attention and complaining about the struggling hospital's standard of cleanliness - superbubs are taking over and rats running rampant on the wards.

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  • Ladies of Letters Go Global (Radio Collection)
    by Lou Wakefield, Carole Hayman

    Series 7

    The intrepid grandmothers are back - and at loggerheads with their respective families. Vera decides to take a break in Ibiza, and invites Irene to join her. But, a simple holiday soon becomes a big adventure as the two quickly and inevitably fall out, get into separate scrapes in different countries, appeal to each other for help, and end up chasing round the world from Moscow to the Maldives. Short of cash, forced to take casual work, and having to sort out family crises back home, on the hoofand from a distance - nothing dampens their spirits. Grappling with unfamiliar accents and unusual foods, the indomitable ladies find themselves launching into battle with everyone from hotel owners to Transylvanian separatist rebels. In fact, they're coping admirably with foreign travel, but how will the rest of the world cope with the Ladies of Letters?

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  • Ladies of Letters Spring Clean (Radio Collection)
    BBC Audiobooks Ltd

    Series 6

    The proud grandmothers Irene Spencer and Vera Small return with their correspondence, once again brightening the airwaves with their often-dubious wit and wisdom. In this latest collection of missives they offer Springtime recipes as well as tips for a long and healthy life.

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  • Ladies of Letters Make Mincemeat (BBC Radio Collection)
    by Carole Hayman, Lou Wakefield

    Series 5: Christmas Special

    A special seasonal instalment of the ongoing correspondence between sparring pen-pals Vera and Irene. With a supporting cast including Vera's son Howard and his partner Anthony, chaos looks set to descend once again upon Little Shagthorne and Hethergreen.