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Dear Vera,
I know you are techno-challenged, but I think it is time we ladies had our views aired to the wider world, hence I am starting a blog. (Do you know what one of those is, dear? No need to be frightened, it's just a kind of diary on the world wide web. But as it is visible to the public, let me just remind you here to watch your language and mind your p's and q's in your reply).
You might like to write a recipe, keen as you are about sharing your culinary excesses, whereas I am waiting on the Muse to enter me, so that I might write a poem for the enjoyment of the masses.
Hope you're as well as can be expected after your recent recurrence of asthma, by the way. They say it's a nervy disease, don't they? Have you ever considered mind over matter? Personally I am in the rudest of health, but then I always am.
With kindest regards,

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