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My Very Dear Irene,
Notwithstanding your amputations on my technophiliac tendencies - I am delighted to welcome you to the Wide Web World of Internet Chatter. I'm so glad you’ve at long last decided to join the veteran web diarists, myself included, who've been ‘out’ for years - well months, anyway - delighting fans and random stalkers with my own "Blog" - or "Grog" in the case of my Christmas one, hahaha!
I often share not only precious philosophies with my scurfers, but also grumpy growls, top tips and recipes of the moment. "Stats" are crucial to the success of a "blog", so I'd be delighted to kick you off with a new culinary delight - there's nothing like getting an old hand onboard with a start-up - and of course my fans will follow me anywhere.
I'm busy chucking out all last year's rubbish at the moment - so will give this my full attention asap.
All the very best,

Recipe for New Year De-Intoxification.
Take a handful of oven-dried oatmeal (you can also use this to rub on the corns and callouses you may have accrued if you were busy being a 'dancing queen' over the festive season!)

Mix with lemon juice, carrot juice, ground ginseng (marvellous for the libido, swears my next door neighbour, 83).

Slap the mixture on that tired old skin and leave for 20 mins. Or dilute with water as an early morning drink, taken in the fresh air.

Always good to start the day with a complete evacuation.

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